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Global Scrum Gathering
Three years ago, the government of Singapore announced a revolutionary campaign aimed at building the nation into a center of tech innovation and progress: the Smart Nation initiative. In that time, Singapore has been the epicenter of a variety of improvement projects, from public transit improvement and media infrastructure development, to collaborative financing initiatives and clean energy strategies.
The ongoing mission of Smart Nation is one of constant improvement and engagement, making it the ideal location for the Global Scrum Gathering® Singapore 2017. As the sole Agile conference being hosted in Singapore this year, Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017 is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate with our global Agile community in one of the world’s most innovative cities. With a breadth of presentations spanning leading-edge Agile topics in the most diverse setting of practitioners ever, this Gathering promises to be an experience you won’t want to miss.
智能国家的使命就是持续改进和持续参与,因此新加坡成为Global Scrum Gathering® Singapore 2017的理想举办地。作为今年在新加坡举办的唯一敏捷大会,Global Scrum Gathering® Singapore 2017是您人生中一次难得的机会,在这里和全球敏捷社区的大牛一起学习、成长以及协作。大会中包含大量来自不同实践者的前沿敏捷话题,本次大会您一定不想错过!
If you haven’t registered for Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017, register today to get Early-Bird pricing and secure your spot for this unique event. Time is running out; take advantage of this incredible experience. Go Agile. Go Smart.
Why Attend Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017
  • › It is the only Agile conference hosted in Singapore in 2017
  • › Singapore is one of the world’s most innovative and Agile cities in the Smart Nation initiative
  • › Get face-to-face time with Agile and Scrum practitioners from around the world
  • › Take home new learning from a wide range of breakout sessions across the topics of Business Agility, Technical Practice and Tools, and Agile beyond IT
  • › Download session presentations for continued reference after the Gathering
  • › Network at events throughout the Gathering
  • › Create your own day with Open Space sessions, where you can bring any topic you’re passionate about and invite other practitioners to discuss it
  • › Take advantage of one-on-one coaching opportunities at the Coaches Clinic
为什么参加Global Scrum Gathering® Singapore 2017:
  • › 2017年新加坡唯一一次敏捷大会
  • › 新加坡是智能国家计划中最创新和敏捷的城市
  • › 面对面与全球各地的敏捷和Scrum实践者进行交流
  • › 从分组会议中大会各种新知识,话题包含但不限于业务敏捷、技术实践与工具、IT以外的敏捷等
  • › 可以获得大会演讲材料以便会后继续学习
  • › 大会中建立您的朋友网络
  • › 打造您自己的大会参与开放空间讨论,您可以带来任何感兴趣的话题并邀请其他人一起进行讨论。
  • › 教练诊所找全球最知名的敏捷教练进行一对一的辅导
Register today! Use the coupon code SGSINAPAC17 and receive 10% off in addition to Early Bird pricing.
Visit scrumalliance.org for more information.