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Certification Course > CSP Fast Track(full booked)
CSP Fast Track(full booked).Closed
  • 2019-06-28 ~ 07-02 Beijing
  • Course organizer:ShineScrum捷行
  • Date:2019-06-28 ~ 07-02, 09:00 ~ 17:00
  • City:Holiday Inn Fang Heng Beijing, Building 3, Yard 6, Wangjing Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Trainer:Evelyn Tian
  • Price:RMB 25000/per, RMB 21800 per before 18:00 Jun. 18, 2019
  • Want to go beyond getting the basic Scrum events going?
  • Passionate about taking your Scrum team and organization to the next level?
  • Interested in advancing your own skills as a ScrumMaster and agile coach?
  • Proud of standing out from the rest of ScrumMasters and agile coaches?
  • Then you are at this right place to become Advanced Certified ScrumMaster(A-CSM) and even Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster(CSP-SM).
  • Certified Scrum Professionals challenge their teams to improve the way Scrum and other Agile techniques are applied. They have demonstrated experience, documented training, and proven knowledge in the art of Scrum.
  • Are you ready for the next level of experience and expertise in the art of Scrum? If so, it’s time to elevate your career further by earning the CSP® credential.

Course Audience
  • All attendees must have the Certified ScrumMaster certification(CSM).
  • All attendees be with a minimum of one year practice prior to the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster(A-CSM) workshop. If you don't current have a CSM certification, please contact us for options.
  • Participants should be passionate in advancing as a ScrumMaster and an Agile coach, and therefore be willing to challenge their own thinking and approaches within this course.

By successfully completing the course and the online certification test, you will receive
  • By earning a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-SM) certification you:
  • Attend exclusive CSP® events with other leaders in Scrum and Agile.
  • Receive a free Premium subscription to the world's largest Agile assessment and continuous improvement platform, Comparative Agility®.
  • Attract more recruiters and command a higher rate of pay.
  • Identify and differentiate yourself in the job market using digital badges (coming soon).
  • Establish a gateway and milestone toward becoming CST®, CEC, or CTC.
  • Become an expert in Scrum, which will not grow obsolete or out of style.
  • Letting others know about your accomplishments by displaying your CSP-SM certificate & logos, along with an active profile on the Scrum Alliance website.

Contact Information
  • Tel:
    400 920 0024
  • Email:
  • ShineScrum捷行 (Shanghai Office)
    Room 916 FTOWN, 9F, Hong Yun Building, No.501 Wuning Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 200063
  • ShineScrum捷行 (Beijing Office)
    Room 220, No. 7 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Day 1 & Day 2 A-CSM
  • A.Coaching Concepts
  • a1.Coaching Stances
  • a2.Key coaching skills and their application
  • a3.Tactics of coaching at individual, Scrum Team and organization level
  • a4.Agile coaching
  • B.Agile Facilitation
  • b1.Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • b2.Facilitation techniques to navigate through Groan Zone and Divergent and Convergent phases
  • b3.Decision making
  • C.A deeper dive into Lean, Agile and Scrum
  • c1.Value and principles to leverage as a ScrumMaster
  • c2.Practices and tools to help improve
  • D.Services to Development Team
  • d1.Self-Organization and team Dynamics
  • d2.Key attributes of effective teams
  • d3.Coaching for high performaning teams
  • d4.DoD
  • d5.Agile engineering practices
  • E.Services to Product Owner
  • e1.The services around Product Vision and Strategy
  • e2.The mindset and tools for a fantastic product
  • e3.Tools to bring customer needs into Product Backlog
  • e4.Product Backlog Refinment tactics
  • e5.The collaboration and its enhancement with Development Team
  • F.Services to Organization
  • f1.Impediment Removal and its tactics & strategies
  • f2.Leadership team coaching
  • f3.Agile scaling approaches and principles
  • f4.Introducing new ideas
  • f5.Tactics and tools for orgnization change
  • G.Personal Development
  • g1.Coaching practices for personal growth actions
  • g2.Povital conversation
  • g3.ScrumMaster as Servant Leader
  • Day 3 & Day 4 & Day 5 CSP-SM
  • 1. Advanced Coaching
  • 1.1 Advanced Coaching Skills and their application
  • 1.2 Coaching Application with Responsibility Process
  • 1.3 Coaching Tools
  • 1.4 Coaching Assumptions and Agreement
  • 2. Advanced Facilitation
  • 2.1 Alternatives to Open Discussion
  • 2.2 Visual Facititation
  • 2.3 Remote Facilitation
  • 3. A deeper dive into Lean, Agile and Scrum
  • 3.1 Key Lean Principles and Concepts
  • 3.2 Assessing Waste at All Levels
  • 3.3 Applications in Scrum Framework and Organization Transformation
  • 4. Services to Development Team
  • 4.1 Different Methods to Assess Existing Teams
  • 4.2 Team Performance Curve (and Tuckman Model comparison)
  • 4.3 Coaching Team via Team Development Profile
  • 4.4 Coaching Team via Drexler-Sibbet Model
  • 4.5 5 Dysfunctions of Teams
  • 4.6 Starting and Growing New Agile Teams
  • 4.7 Coaching Team on Software Craftsmanship
  • 5. Services to Product Owner
  • 5.1 Creation and Revision of Product Vision and Strategy
  • 5.2 Complex Product Backlog Management
  • 5.3 Product Owner Support
  • 6. Services to Organization
  • 6.1 Complex Adaptive System
  • 6.2 Effective Culture Change (concepts and tools)
  • 6.3 Case Study applying tools introduced during A-CSM and CSP-SM workshops
  • 6.4 Organization Change via contrasting different models
  • 6.5 Organization Change Pattern Analysis
  • 6.6 Scaling - Growing Organization
  • 7. Personal Development
  • 7.1 Coaching practices for personal growth actions
  • 7.2 Design of Individual Learning and Capability Goals and Follow-up
  • 7.3 Next Steps
  • Thumb_thumb_evelyn
    Evelyn Tian
    Evelyn Tian
    CST, Certified Path to CSP Educator, CAL Educator, CEC, CTC, ShineScrum Senior Consultant.
    Certified Master Coach (Executive Coach and Performance Coach) and Certified Lean Coach, International IEEE Software Consultant. In addition, Evelyn is a member of the jury of certified corporate coaches and a member of the Path to CSP Educator jury.
    An experience coach and trainer with over twenty years of product development experience from product management, project management, system design, software design, integration to customer support. 
    In 2009, Evelyn worked as a change agent driving Agile transformation in an organization with over 2200 people. Since then, she has been helping different organizations within Ericsson with Lean and Agile transformation, focusing on organization transformational strategy, driving continuous improvement, enhancing software craftsmanship, and coaching teams and organizations. She has track records and deep insights in coaching organization transformation, Lean and Agile, Agile leadership, and change management. She has designed and delivered Agile Leadership workshop to thousands of leaders globally.
    Member of IEEE Software Advisory Board with special focuses on Agile and DevOps, and she has translated two books on change management and a book on Scrum. 
    Internationally reputable speakers on Lean, Agile and product development conferences
    Chair of IEEE Software Track, Global Scrum Gathering 2018
            Invited speaker of International Lean and Agile Online Conference
            Learning from the Agile Transformation Journey of a Telecom Giant
    Speaker at ScanAgile 2018
            Transforming in an Ocean Of Product Owners
    Chair of Industrial Track, 2017 APSEC Conference
    Invited speaker at 2017 NJSD Conference
    Invited keynote speak at 2016 Agile Tour Shanghai
    	Learn to Surf: Experience from Agile Transformations
    Chair of Agile 2016 for Future of Agile Software Development Track 
    Invited keynote at XP at 2016, the 4th International Agile Scaling Workshop
    	Scaling in Practice: Some Myths and Facts
    Speaker at XP 2016
    	Amplify Agile
    Invited keynote speaker at 2015 Agile Tour Beijing
    	Simplify Complexity
    Chair of 2015 IEEE Software Experts Summit (SES)
    Speaker at 2015 Global Scrum Gathering
    	Experience the Power of Coaching
    Invited keynote speaker at 2015 Agile Tour Shanghai
    	People in Agile
    Invited speaker at 2014 Agile Alliance Conference
    	Transformational Life of A True Agile Leader
    	Agile Journey of A Large Scale Legacy Telecom System
    Invited keynote speaker at Agile Asia, 2014
    	Agile Transformation in a Distributed Environment
    Invited speaker at 2014 GOTO Conference
    	Agile Journey of A Large Scale Legacy Telecom System
    Invited panelist at 2014 ICSSP 
    	(International Conference on Software System Process)
    	Journey to Agility for a Large Scale Telecom System
    Invited speaker at 2013 QCON Conference
    Invited speaker at 2013 Scrum Gathering
    Invited panelist at 2013 Scrum Gathering Leadership Summit
    Speaker at 2013 Agile India
    	Building the Agile Mindset: Where to Start?
    Head of Organizing Committee, Lean & Agile Conference, Ericsson 2013 & 2012
    Speaker at 2012 Scrum Gathering
    Panelist at 2012 Scrum Leadership Summit
    Invited speaker at 2011 QCON Conference